You Should Go and Love Yourself

I’ve had Justin Bieber on repeat today. Self love is the best love. This morning I stopped by one of my favorite nurseries in Boynton Beach, FL (Johnny Mangos) and picked up a few of my favorite flowers (white roses and hydrangeas). I love waking up to fresh flowers, they brighten the day and add such a wonderful fresh scent. Take that over-priced bath and body works wall plugs. Too often we forget that we teach people how to treat us and sometimes spend so much effort loving someone else that we forget our own needs…

Here are 5 thoughts to consider in your journey to strengthen your self love and filling your own love tank!

  1. Your vibe attracts your tribe

    • In addition, your tribe should be your support group who loves and nurtures you during your best times and especially your worst times. Don’t forget that your friends at their core genuinely care for you and want to help you no matter what! Eliminate those who do not build you up or bring negativity to your life.
  2. Let go of being a perfectionist

    • Striving for better is a great quality to have IMO. Self improvement, for example, never really hurt anyone. There is however a fine line between striving for better and obsession with being perfect. The perfect outcome, the perfect date. Learn how to forgive yourself when you feel like you’re not reaching that level of perfect.  Understand that everything is a work in progress
  3. Be mindful

    • Wake up and smell the roses, seriously. By yourself some fresh flowers and notice the details of the folds of the petals, the fragrant smell of the roses. Often times we’re so focused on knocking out our to-do-list and reacting to what life throws at us. Make a commitment to your self, at least a few times a day at first, to take a pause, take a breath, observe the area you are in, notice the details, the scents, the sounds, the colors.
  4. Choose to be optimistic

    • Sometimes life will knock us down and the barista at Starbucks will hand you what resembles a milkshake versus an iced coffee and instead of feeling the serge of caffeine rush your brain you experience a short diabetic sugar high that only adderall can pull you out of. You can choose to be upset, or you can choose to just think to yourself, “well next time I won’t forget to ask for black.” and move on with your tasks at hand. Happiness is a choice so don’t forget to choose it.
  5. Create a balanced lifestyle

    • Take that personal day off for a “mental health” break. You work your ass off day in and out to support yourself, trying to balance work life, work friends, personal friends, family, travel commitments. Sometimes you just need to take a random Tuesday off to just do whatever you want, like sit at the beach and read a book!

No one’s going to love you better than you love yourself. So treat yourself every now and then, buy yourself some flowers, see a movie that just came out, travel to see friends you haven’t seen in a while! Being in a relationship and expecting them to fill your love tank is selfish and unhealthy.


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