Healing Crystals

Natural forming crystals are found throughout the world. It’s believed that certain types of crystals have healing qualities by their energy alone. Each crystal has a different purpose or meaning. Whatever your belief system may be, these beautiful accessories definitely add a nice touch to any home setting. I think they are so beautiful. Lately I’ve been craving a white quartz agate piece for my new living room.

White Quartz Agate is known for its emotional healing qualities. Read more about the properties and meanings on Agate stones here. I found this beauty of a stone posted here at home goods for a cool $40 bucks. You can find them in your local crystal stores in a variety of shapes and sizes. Since adding it to my home, I can definitely tell there has been a shift in my energy, whether its by its vibrational qualities or the affect of just looking at its beauty every time I glance over at my plant babies

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