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I recently moved into my own apartment (woohoo). Having moved nearly 10 times (guessing, it’s probably more) since the year 2007 when I left home for college, I plan to stay here until I am able to purchase my fist home. So I have been making a concerted effort to really make this space my home by diving into decorating and refurbishing my old furniture pieces to match my new themes.

This weekend I took a dark wood dining table and refurbished it with chalk paint to give it a faux driftwood feel as opposed to chunking it and splurging on more furniture that ill probably toss in the future. I didn’t want to spend too much on all the fancy paints I saw on DIY driftwood refurbish blog posts so I started with White Chalk Paint I picked up at Home Depot and an old paint brush I found in my arts and crafts box. I am pretty impressed with the initial results and plan to get a few more items to finish it out and glaze it over but here are the results so far:

How to DIY:

  • I started by giving the table and chairs a good wash down with warm soap and water
  • Let it completely air dry or use a dry towel to ensure no water residue
  • Use a disposable container, I used a pint sized soup container with lid from a Chinese restaurant, to poor a portion of the chalk paint for easy access and storage if you need a break.
  • Dip the bristles of the paint brush lightly into the chalk paint and begin using long strokes to cover the dark wood. I did one coat first and let it air dry until I was done with the rest of the piece and brushed over again for my desired result which was some dark lines showing throw to give it that driftwood grain affect.
  • I plan to go over the top of the table with a grey and brown Chalk Paint to give it a more true driftwood feel to match the rest of my pieces in the apartment as well as a top glaze to prevent damage from standard wear and tear from daily usage. I’ll update this post once I do that.

Items Used:

Rust-Oleum 285140 Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint 30 oz,  Linen White
– Find it here on Amazon

Paint Brushes, 5 Piece Professional Paint Brushes Set, Chip Paint Brush by NOJOYA
– Fint it here on Amazon

This project was quite a good Sunday therapy session for me. I enjoy arts and crafts and being creative. Using my energy to create something new makes me feel empowered and proud of myself (pats self on back) for doing someone myself… for myself! #SelfLove #GlowUp

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