Coming out of the fog

Some days I feel “normal.” Some days I feel like there’s a cloud over my head following me from task to task. This morning was one of those gloomy mornings while yesterday I felt charged and empowered to do. It took me a longer time to “turn on my engine” as I call my morning routine.

An innocent catch up text with one of my friends ignited my spiritual fire and inspired me of so many ideas that would facilitate my own personal healing as well as those close to me. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post I recently moved and have been nesting to make my space feel like home. I’d like to host a little house warming with a vision board making activity. I think this will be a great activity for me and my friends.

I’m starting to search to collect magazines and supplies for making these boards. I’m curious to know if anyone has experience or ideas to share in preparation?!

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