Be Like a Lotus, at Peace in Muddy Waters

The lotus, a flower that holds significant meaning in Egyptian and Buddhist cultures. Indigenous to India and Vietnam. This beautiful flower holds root in muddy waters surrounded by floating green pads of leafs. An otherwise dismal environment that one would not think twice to look at until its magic happens: it blooms a beautiful, vibrant blossom of pointy petals that stick out from all angles with confidence.

“The lotus flower blooms most beautifully from the deepest and thickest mud.”

Symbolically transferable to all aspects of life, particularly the difficult ones, the Lotus flower is a reminder that no matter how ‘muddy’ or challenging a situation may seem, that in due time it (you) will rise above the murkiness and blossom beautifully. A rebirth as you may call it. A reminder that all situations are temporary and the only constant in life is change.

When you are left doubting your self, always remember
you will rise above it.

Common associations and meanings of the Lotus flowers across cultures:

♥ Purity, Spiritual Awakening, Faithfulness, Enlightenment, Rebirth, Patience ♥

What does the Lotus flower or symbol mean for you?

Peace, Love, Gratitude & all the Glow Ups ♥

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