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Hi, My name’s Vanessa. In greek, Vanessa stands for ‘butterfly.’ Most of my friends refer to me as ‘V’ for short.

The butterfly not only holds meaning by name association, but I look at my life journey as a series of transformations exhibited by its life cycle: caterpillar, cocoon, butterfly.

I live in a quaint beach down located in South Florida called Delray Beach. I’ve lived in South Florida for about 7 years now but grew up between Miami and Melbourne, FL through my 30 years of life. What lead me to South Florida after college was love. Delray Beach feels like home to me because it is has small beach town charm with a touch of upscale class influenced by neighboring cities such as Boca Raton and West Palm Beach. Things are pretty accessible, close by and slower paced compared to the bigger cities in South Florida. For undergrad I attend Florida State University as a second generation legacy and studied Dietetics and Biochemistry, I originally planned to go to medical school but plans changed once I “found love.” My Masters is in Business Administration with Specialization in Finance (fancy way of saying I took more courses than needed).

My 20s were a decade full of hard life lessons that we’ve all faced at some point in life: career, relationships, friendships, purpose, identity, etc. In undergrad, you pick a major, you follow and complete the curriculum, you study, do projects, research, meet deadlines, take exams achieve your degree.. then you enter the real world – and are responsible for now creating all that structure to carry out your…. life purpose? Your job? What lights you up. Mostly post college and through my 20s I’ve learned the art of “unlearning” the expectations society and sometimes you yourself set as priorities is just as vital as achieving significant milestones… and really your peace of mind.

For me, writing, sharing and expressing my thoughts and experiences is an outlet for me to (hopefully) help others by relating and providing perspective or resources to help overcome any self-limiting beliefs they may have. Maybe even provide cool ideas and new things to try out along your own journey.

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Author: V

Delray Beach, Fl. 30 years old. Senior Business Executive. Writer. Wanderluster. Life Long Learner. Hopeless Romantic.

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